I have always cooked, even as a child, crafting meals which would please my brothers and sisters while Mom and Dad worked at keeping the household managed. I worked my first paying job on a tomato harvester in the fields of California's San Joaquin Valley and fell in love with food and farms. In the early years I was reinventing my careers nearly every decade or two. After a car collision, my life was changed dramatically by an acupuncturist using needles, herbs and food. It came to my attention; food was used to assist in restoring health. The writing was on the wall. I was all in. Today I research, write and post online about the role food plays in our health and wellness.

Unity of Wilmingon

Laura Dawson

Nutrition Specialist

HOMETOWN: Castle Hayne

Managing MRSA

"Live in each season as it passes;

Breathe air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,

And resign yourself to the influences of each."