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“FOOD PHYSICS & BODY DYNAMICS™” Lessons in Whole Food Healing, Nutrition Education, Presenter Laura L. Dawson, MAOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.
Purpose of class: To address the unmet need for Nutrition Education Credits in all Healthcare Professions, (See: Published in final edited form as: Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 April; 83(4): 941S–944S, “Status of nutrition education in medical schools”) with a focus on acupuncture and oriental medicine and The 8 Principle Model of disease assessment. We will introduce the Five Flavors, Five Colors of foods along with corresponding action affecting specific organ systems, i.e. green affects the liver. We will introduce methods of assessing disease patterns on the tongue and nutritional treatment used to alleviate the symptoms of the patient’s complaint. Attendees will be supplied with a mirror to use during the training viewing tongues and learning to assess body conditions. The Class is open to the Licensed Healthcare Professionals, medical school students, and in some cases to public health seekers: 4.75hrs=5 Credits.

More clinically specific and technical methods will be addressed in the last 1.75 hour of the 4.75 hours training (equivalent to 5 Credits). Professional Attendees can expect to view tongues, coat and body, make assessments, both in theory and in practicum. Case Discussions will be held regarding live examples from the audience, similar to medical rounds, arriving at nutritional recommendations with consensus.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant will be able to:

View and assess the presence of Hot or Cold, Damp and Stagnation, organ system affected via signs in the body and coat of the tongue.
Determine flavor and color of food to use when targeting a disease factor to alleviate symptoms.
Understand food physics (activity of food-bound energy) involved when a specific food is ingested, i.e. how organ system targeted, direction up/down, warm/cool, etc.

The training includes material on the nature of food based on color and flavor, in the same manner as used to measure direction of disease patterns and organ systems, i.e. hot vs. cold, up vs. down, inward vs. outward . The color will be addressed particularly in relation to the organ system which is affected by each of the specific Five Colors, red, yellow, green,  blue/black and white, For instance red foods are associated with the heart, while green colored foods are associated with the liver and so forth. Equally useful are the five flavors, Bitter, Sweet, Salty, Sour, and Spicy, helping to move and direct sensory signals related to each organ system.  These tools are teachable to patients and clients, empowering self-care and improving health outcomes.

Laura's Personal Credentials include; Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2000, National Certification status awarded in 2000, Phi Theta Kappa member, Small Business Owner of Spirit of Food 1998-2005, now dba Food Physics & Body Dynamics llc, since 2005, published online and in print since 1999 at and other major print media.

Why use food to create and restore wellness?
What are the benefits and improvements which can be statistically measured?
When can patients and clients expect to notice a desired change?
Where can the principles learned today be utilized?
Why would you want to use nutrition to improve the health of a patient?

Power Point Presentation with an explanation of the two of the 8 elements, Hot and Cold, how that relates to the body systems, how to use foods to manage and alter those signs as observed on the tongue. There will be an open question period at four intervals of the PowerPoint Introduction. There are three 5 minute breaks.
 First 15 minutes + Q & A on –
Why use food to create and restore wellness?
Glossary of Terms: Food Physics, Body Dynamics, Hot, Cold
How these terms relate to health and well being
What signs are observed on the tongue?
How can FOOD PHYSICS be used to affect BODY DYNAMICS™ positively, to obtain and maintain desired results.
Approximately 3/4 of a total of the 4.75 hour class is spent interactively with the participants and volunteer demonstrators. This allows questions, comments and concerns to be addressed.

Handouts are included in the class materials at the printing cost of the host school, or consumer. In most cases, these materials may be sent via email to those who have paid for a certificate.

NOTE: All materials are trademarked* and/or copyright protected* and must not be copied without the express written permission of Food Physics and Body Dynamics LLC.
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Attendance will be taken at the onset of the presentation by sign-in, to include license # or student status with the campus name.
Class will end promptly at 5 hours.
 * In the event that the school or other site of presentation would like to purchase the materials after a presentation they may do so. To include our protocol in their ongoing curriculum they may contact us at: to discuss terms. Or schedule a meeting to discuss your population needs via websites: or using the Schedule a meeting tab.

This training session #339-3, is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM], which has authorized five [5] CEUs for each certificate in Nutrition Biomedicine awarded.

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